Patients are referred directly from Tygerberg Hospital Tertiary Hospital.

They are then required to complete a needs analysis questionnaire set up by the Social Work Department of the University of Stellenbosch.

Susan Bohler, our accountant, then evaluates the patients financial status and refers them to the Joint Venture Clinic run by Dr EM Dillon if they meet a the minimum financial criteria set by the Joint Venture Board and if they are still economically active.

The Joint Venture Clinic takes place monthly in Dr Edwin Dillon’s rooms in the Stellenbosch Medi-Clinic.

Dr Dillon then consults with the patient and assesses the patient clinically.

Those that qualify will have a pre-operative CT scan and several additional tests before being placed on a waiting list for surgery.

Patients are required to make a small monetary contribution towards the costs of the procedure. It is a nominal amount, however, based on the patient’s net worth. Additional funding needs to be generated from donors.

Surgery will take place at the Stellenbosch Medi-clinic and patients are expected to remain in hospital for an average of 5 days.

Post-operatively they will receive crutches together with regular physiotherapy.
Follow-up consultations will take place 4-6 weeks post-operatively, then at 3 months, and annually thereafter.

Local complications resulting directly related to the prosthesis will be covered by The Joint Venture, however, any other complications will be referred to the nearest government hospital to the patient.