The waiting lists at the government hospitals in South Africa for surgical procedures are extremely long. In the field of orthopaedic surgery it is especially the arthroplasty (joint replacement) procedures that have very long waiting lists. New patient can wait over ten years for their replacement once they are placed on the waiting list!


The Joint Venture Trust is the brainchild of Dr Edwin Dillon (orthopaedic surgeon). His vision is to provide knee replacement surgery to the indigent community in the Boland district, thus enhancing their quality of life and general well-being. The aim is to help the poor who cannot afford the premiums of a private medical insurance.


The Joint Venture Trust has established itself as a responsible and effective non-governmental organization (NGO), making a significant contribution to the knee replacement needs of the local community. To this end it is seeking donations from socially responsible sources in order to fulfill this vision.

To date we have performed 75 life-changing operations from carefully selected deserving indigent South Africans.

It has been incredibly humbling to see the unbridled joy and thankfullness firsthand as the operating surgeon.

It is our long term vision to continue performing knee replacements for carefully screened beneficiaries at this rate of 1 case per month. Old Mutual has indicated that they will not be providing us with any further funding as they have changed their CSI focus to exclude the medical field. We are therefore now trying to secure funding for the road ahead.

This tells the story of The Joint Venture. Our story is a wonderful testament to the benevolent nature we all have within us.

Edwin Dillon
On behalf of the trustees of The Joint Venture Trust

Dr Edwin Dillon

Want to make a difference? Become a sponsor and significantly change the lives of beneficiaries and their families. Due to cost saving measures, increased efficiencies and additional sponsorship of consumable materials from suppliers we have been able to decrease the cost of a knee replacement for the Joint Venture from R70 000. to R56 000. per case.