The Joint Venture Trust is the brainchild of Dr Edwin Dillon (orthopaedic surgeon). Dr Dillon’s vision is to provide knee replacement surgery to the indigent community in the Boland district, thus enhancing their quality of life and general well-being.

The aim is to help the poor who cannot afford the premiums of a private medical insurance. In association with the late Prof Narisccia Botha (social worker) a comprehensive needs analysis questionnaire was compiled. Each potential beneficiary is thoroughly assessed with regard to their degree of need.

Once accepted as beneficiary the patient will undergo the surgery and be rehabilitated to wellness. Annual follow-up appointments are undertaken to monitor for any late complications.

The Joint Venture Trust has established itself as a responsible and effective non-governmental organization (NGO), making a significant contribution to the knee replacement needs of the local community. To this end it is seeking donations from socially responsible sources in order to fulfill this vision.

The Joint Venture Trust was founded in 2008 by Edwin Dillon, Susan Bohler and Adele de Villiers. It is a non-profit trust and a registered public benefit organization (PBO). The entity comprises a collaboration of professionals with a shared vision of being of service to indigent South Africans.

The principal objective of the Trust is to carry on the public benefit activity of providing health care services to poor, needy and economically active persons, in the form of orthopaedic surgery and all related pre-operative and post-operative procedures, tests, rehabilitation and screenings required in order to give proper effect to such objective.

Since becoming operational in 2010 we have performed 47 joint replacement operations in carefully selected beneficiaries.

We take immense pride that in addition to performing these operations we have also budgeted for the documented complications of joint replacement surgery. This allows us to manage any complications as they arise. We have had excellent results.